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More Copyright Infringement in Baghdad

More Copyright Infringement in Baghdad

For those of you who recall “Pizza Hat” in west Baghdad, here’s another incident of blatant, and bizarre, copyright infringement. This one is from Karrada, central Baghdad.  

Introduction for Journalists Getting Started with WordPress

The good folks at IJNet have put together a nice little video introducing WordPress for journalists. It’s a useful introduction for those of you who aren’t familiar with the platform, the differences between and, and the various things you can do with both. Personally, I swear by — and I use but [...]

Iraq struggles a decade after 9/11

Note: This article was originally published by AFP on August 30, 2011. You can find it in full here. by Prashant Rao A decade after 9/11 attacks that set the stage for the 2003 invasion, Iraq is struggling to rebuild as dysfunctional politics, a persistent insurgency and rampant graft blunt the promise of its oil [...]

Baghdad Diary: Basketball at the Border

Prashant’s Note: This blog post was published by AFP on December 17, 2009. It can be found in full here. by Prashant Rao One of my favourite books is ‘Big Game, Small World’. In it, the author, a columnist for Sports Illustrated, travelled the world just playing basketball, meeting people and interacting with them by [...]