AFP Social Media Guidelines

I’ve been on holiday for a few weeks, so this blog hasn’t been updated as often as it should have.

While I was away, AFP published updated guidelines on the use of content from social networks. Check them out here.

A brief summary of what we, as AFP journalists, can use social networks for:

  1. Monitor statements by personalities, politicians
  2. Provide reactions to events
  3. Search for people in the news, contacts
  4. Use as an alert to news breaks relevant to an event

And what we cannot use social networks for:

  1. Use an unverified statement on a social networking website as a source
  2. Quote from anonymous accounts
  3. Publish comment that is smutty, libelous, racist, sexist, etc.

This is in addition to AFP guidelines that Wikipedia cannot be used as a documentary source.

There are also guidelines for the use of videos or photos posted on social networking websites. All in all, it’s worth checking out, even if you don’t work for AFP.

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