AFP’s coverage of the US withdrawal from Iraq

Agence France-Presse has put out several stories in recent days about the US withdrawal from Iraq, and now that it is complete, I wanted to put together a one-stop-shop of all the articles AFP has published.

Without further ado, a summary of AFP‘s coverage of the US withdrawal from Iraq:

December 18, 2011
US forces quit Iraq nine years on by W.G. Dunlop
IRAQ-KUWAIT BORDER, Kuwait, Dec 18, 2011 (AFP) – The last US forces left Iraq and entered Kuwait on Sunday, nearly nine years after launching a divisive war to oust Saddam Hussein, and just as the oil-rich country grapples with renewed political deadlock.
Last US troops out of Iraq say war took toll on family ties by W.G. Dunlop
Iraqis joyful as US leaves but doubtful of leaders by Mohamad Ali Harissi
Iraq PM moves to oust deputy as US forces leave by Salam Faraj
The astronomic costs, human and financial, of the US war in Iraq
Key dates in Iraq since the 2003 US-led invasion

December 17, 2011
NATO ends Iraq training mission with regrets
 by Prashant Rao
BAGHDAD, Dec 17, 2011 (AFP) – NATO ended its training mission in Iraq on Saturday as alliance officials lamented the collapse of a deal to extend it because Baghdad refused to grant its troops immunity from prosecution.
Abu Ghraib remains scar on US war efforts in Iraq by Salam Faraj

December 16, 2011
Last US base handed to Iraq ahead of pullout by Salam Faraj
NASIRIYAH, Iraq, Dec 16, 2011 (AFP) – Iraq took control of the last American military base in the country on Friday, a day after US forces marked the end of their mission, bringing a divisive war to a low-key conclusion.
Furor as US hands over last Iraqi prisoner
US soldiers have a long last mission in Iraq by W.G. Dunlop

December 15, 2011
US forces mark end of Iraq mission by Prashant Rao and Mathieu Rabechault
BAGHDAD, Dec 15, 2011 (AFP) – US forces formally marked the end of their mission in Iraq with a low-key ceremony near Baghdad on Thursday, after nearly nine years of divisive war that began with the invasion to oust Saddam Hussein.
Iraq’s Fallujah glad to see back of US army by Amelie Herenstein

December 14, 2011
Obama hails ‘extraordinary’ US achievement in Iraq by Stephen Collinson
FORT BRAGG, North Carolina, Dec 14, 2011 (AFP) – President Barack Obama on Wednesday honored America’s nearly nine years of “bleeding and building” in Iraq, hailing the “extraordinary achievement” of a war he once branded “dumb.”
US returns looted Iraqi dishes
Iraqis burn US flags to celebrate pullout
Obama dodges debate over troops as US leaves by Stephen Collinson
Iraq veering towards Lebanonisation: experts by Mohamad Ali Harissi
Iran to exploit power vacuum as US quits Iraq: analysts by Assad Abboud

December 13, 2011
Iraq PM opens door to US investment by Andrew Beatty
WASHINGTON, Dec 13, 2011 (AFP) – Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki issued an open invitation for US firms to help rebuild Iraq Tuesday, as his oil-rich nation closes the door on a nearly nine-year American military presence.
Emotional homecoming for final US Iraq vets by Mira Oberman
Iraq war widened gulf between military, US society by Dan De Luce and Mathieu Rabechault
Iraq war withdrawal a promise kept for Obama by Stephen Collinson
US-Iraq ties to remain close post-pullout: experts by W.G. Dunlop

December 12, 2011
Iraq has ‘enduring partner’ in US, Obama vows by Stephen Collinson
WASHINGTON, Dec 12, 2011 (AFP) – US President Barack Obama Monday vowed an “enduring” partnership with a “self-reliant” and sovereign Iraq, touting his promise kept to end a wrenching war as he met Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.
US invasion unleashed Iraqi ‘creative anarchy’ by Mohamad Ali Harissi
Iraq forces ready internally but face external gaps by W.G. Dunlop

December 11, 2011
US pullout leaves an Iraq in flux by Prashant Rao
BAGHDAD, Dec 11, 2011 (AFP) – The withdrawal of US troops from Iraq more than eight years after the invasion leaves a country grappling with political deadlock and vulnerable to regional interference and a domestic insurgency.
US cuts loose from Iraq war still hampered by its legacy by Lachlan Carmichael
In Iraq war, a revolution in battlefield medicine by Dan De Luce

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