Early Struggles

I’ve been incredibly lazy for the past week or so when it comes to this little project, so I’m endeavouring to get back on track.

Even through just a couple weeks of working on this website, I’ve begun to figure out a couple things about photography that seem to hold fairly firm, at least when it comes to publishing to the web.

First, when in doubt, I should be shooting in landscape and not portrait. It’s easier to illustrate stories, and looking through photo essays and other such projects of professional photographers online, they tend to either take photos in landscape, or they edit them into landscape crops. Portrait photographs seem harder to edit to make them online-worthy. Perhaps I’m wrong about this, but it’s what I’m noticing in the early days.

Also, I have a long way to go in terms of understanding photo editing. I’ve just picked up Adobe Photoshop Elements while I’m in Hong Kong on leave, mostly because I can’t bring myself to spend the amount of money that Adobe Photoshop CS5 requires, but also because Elements is meant to be easier to get to grips with. I haven’t really used it to any major extent yet, but I’m hoping that’s the case.

Anyway, I have some short videoclip training tomorrow morning in AFP’s Hong Kong bureau, which I think will be worthwhile in terms of getting a start to basic videojournalism. I’ll post whatever I produce from that session, assuming it’s not a mangle of meaningless images.

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