Facebook Subscribe – I Relent

So this morning I signed up for Facebook Subscribe, which has basically been a way to emulate Google+ and Twitter to allow journalists to share their content with a wider audience. As with most things (like my attempts to figure out Tumblr and Google+), I just want to give it a try and see how it works, and what it’s useful for. I’ll mostly just share stories our bureau has published, as well as pictures of Baghdad and random anecdotes that didn’t turn into stories. I think it could be a cool way to interact with the people [insert low readership joke here] who read the stories our bureau produces, which I happen to think are pretty great.

Anyway, now when you hit the ‘Social Media’ button on the top right, you can also see Facebook, in addition to Twitter, Tumblr and Google+. In all likelihood, no one cares, but if you think it’s a good idea, a bad one, or you have some ideas/tips/suggestions, leave a comment below!

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