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Slippers lie outside an orphanage in Yangon, Myanmar. (© Alexa Sharples)

Slippers lie outside an orphanage in Yangon, Myanmar. (© Alexa Sharples)

In about a year, my fiancee and I are getting married, and we’ll naturally be spending a lot of time thinking about ourselves in planning a wedding. So, to balance it all out, we’re trying to do more for people who could use a little help, and to do that, we’re asking for YOUR help.

Not financially, for the moment, but with your knowledge, insight and expertise.

Here’s what we want to do:

Life Garden Home is an orphanage for some 25 children in the suburbs of Yangon. Lots of great things are happening in Myanmar, but as a side-effect, property prices are rising quickly, and LGH is finding it harder and harder to pay its rent. We want to raise enough money to buy a plot of land and build a house for them so they can continue to do great work for great kids. We’re in the process of figuring out exactly how much this is going to cost, but our early estimate is about £70,000. To the two of us, that’s a massive amount.

Here’s how we plan to raise the money:

  • Fund-raising through friends, colleagues, relatives, and social networks over the course of the coming year
  • Applying for grants wherever we can find them
  • Donating all the financial gifts our guests give us during our wedding

Here’s how you can help:

  • Web design – we’re both pretty limited in our web design skills. Any aspiring designer want to contribute some time to putting together a fundraising website? We would give you all the credit, and it can be listed in your portfolio! Failing that, are there any good guides to putting together a more complex websites than this one?
  • Finance management — any ‘accountants-without-borders’ that might happy to oversee and monitor donations and finances? It’s critically important that we’re as transparent as possible, help keep our donors up to date and minimise any costs associated with fundraising, saving and transferring cash.
  • Everything else – have you got advice/expertise you think we could use? A contact who might be able to help us raise funds? Are you willing to pitch in on grant writing? Or something else?

Let us know in the comments!


Count me in, in whatever way I can assist. Will also keep an ear out for any web designers/ accountants in need of good karma ;) Sati x

Jess Brammar
Jess Brammar

I will help if I can, of course - not sure if I can be useful to you! x

Jennie Sharples
Jennie Sharples

Great ambition and good plan. Living in Yangon, I see the poverty, enormous need and desperation of children from minority states such as Kachin, who have lost both parents and are homeless and without any hope of an education. More homes such as this are badly needed to give these kids somewhere safe to live and the opportunity to gain a basic education. I will pitch in - details to follow.

prashantrao moderator

Thanks Jess! Even if just spreading the word, or anything you think you could contribute, would be hugely useful. We're in the super early stages of planning, as you can probably tell, so suggestions are welcome.


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