Reading Material

In a bid to better get to grips with photography and videojournalism, I’ve added a few “multimedia” (for lack of a better word) blogs to my Google Reader. I’ll add them to my blogroll soon, when I actually create one. But in the meantime, the full (fairly institutional, and very brief) list is:

  • The New York Times’s Lens Blog (RSS): As you would expect, the New York Times’s photoblog seems like the leader of the bunch, but this is just to a humble new-starter like myself. Their photography is always incredible, though, so it’s a no-brainer follow.
  • Digital Photography Review’s Editorial Blog (RSS): The reviews on dpreview are thorough to the point of being incomprehensible to me, so I tend to stick to just the first couple pages and the conclusion, though I am slowly venturing into the middle of their 2o-odd page reviews. Their photoblog looks much more accessible.
  • Flickr’s Blog (RSS): A collection of great photographs from Flickr, usually based around a specific theme.
  • Michael Yon’s Dispatches (RSS): In addition to scanning through these for his writing, the photos are fantastic, too.
  • AFP London photographer Leon Neal’s photoblog (RSS): In addition to posting the photographs he submits to the AFP wire, Leon’s writing about how he uses his cameras, how he chooses his positioning, and what equipment he’s using, are really interesting to me.

So my question to you folks is: which photography/video/multimedia-related blogs are you following that you recommend? Let me know in the comments or get in touch — I need the help!

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