Some Housekeeping

A couple quick things that I’ve changed about the website:

  • The RSS button on the top-right now links to my Feedburner feed, which makes it much easier to subscribe to this blog’s RSS feed.
  • Posts should now automatically be published to my Twitter feed. I’m hoping it was as simple as described.

And the things I’m working on improving:

  • Right-click disabled: My very first ever reader comment was an awesome one. It was rightly pointed out that the fact that I’ve disabled context-specific menus (meaning, disabled right-clicking) sucks, because lots of web users want to be able to right-click to open links in a new tab. I want to change this feature, but I’m afraid of my photographs (whether or not they’re any good) being stolen. With that in mind, I’m trying to learn how to watermark images and, more importantly, to batch watermark in Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 or Adobe Lightroom. If anyone has advice on how best to do this, please let me know. In the meantime, I’ve set all links to open in a new tab by default.
  • I also am trying to figure out how to control the text displayed on the ‘Featured Posts’ scroll bar at the top. For example, on the third post in the scrollbar, I want it to say ‘Life on the margin’, not ‘Life on the margin: Iraqis’.
  • I need to figure out how to stop the relative plethora of spam comments I’m getting. Bizarrely, a post on Abu Ghraib is attracting the vast majority of them. Ideally, I want to add a ‘captcha’ to all comment boxes, or something like that.

So there’s lots to do, and I’m using this time off to try and figure as much of it out as possible. As always, if you can help in any way, I’d really appreciate it, so get in touch!

UPDATE: I have actually gotten my Akismet API key, so hopefully that has fixed problem number 3 — I haven’t struck through the text (which seems par for the course on most blogs when things like this happen) because I want to see it work before I do that. (Yup, Akismet works)

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Btw to avoid spam, change your heading or change the trackbacks on your list, if you need to add more security you can change the landing address to a different one, Ill dig a little deeper to check if i can provide a better solution to the spam, However for now, if you are using the wordpress engine (which i suspect you are :P ) you can enable the moderate comments / require approval checkbox in the comments settings section. Hope that helps. Regards, Avinash

Hey Avinash, Yeah, I have turned on 'require approval' for my comments, but I'm a little frustrated that I have to go through a bunch of these and filter them myself for spam -- I kind of want a situation like a Junk Mail box where an automated filter sorts out spam comments and whatnot. Akismet seems like a good engine for this, so I'm probably going to end up going for that. In any event, I think a simple 'captcha' plugin should do the trick as well, so I'm going to be investigating that. And in terms of watermarking, I've seen that Lightroom can do it, and the process seems quite simple. I just need to get my butt in gear and actually do it. I suppose some combination of watermarking and right-click disabling will have to do. Let me see. Either way, if you happen to chance across some interesting links on this, forward them to me. No worries if not. Prashant

Hey Prashant, Watermarking your images is easy. All you need is adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. I can provide more info on how to do this via email. So do hit me up there if you need help :) But yes photographs can be stolen using print screen, yes water marked images can also be stolen but require a lot of work depending on how good and complicated the water mark is. Layered water marks are also helpful if you are using layers in lightroom or any other software to composit your final image. Regards, Avi

I can still steal your photos with print screen :)

Gee, thanks, that makes me feel so much better! Haha in reality, I doubt anyone would want to steal the stuff I post on here, especially given it's so low-res. But better to learn.