Syria — a rebel victory, a school and a devastated city

A bakery hands out bread in Aleppo, where residents are suffering from major shortages of bread. (© Prashant Rao for AFP)

Earlier in December, I spent some time covering the conflict in Syria for AFP — much of it was spent in Turkey, but here are a collection of photographs I took and stories I wrote from my assignment.

Hunger sharpens misery in Syria’s Aleppo
ALEPPO, Syria (AFP) — Residents of Aleppo have suffered through months of brutal urban warfare and now face a humanitarian crisis with a lack of food and fuel as the Syrian winter sets in.

School opens for displaced Syrians at Turkey border
KILIS, Turkey (AFP) — In a Turkish town across the border from Syria, a few dozen exiled schoolteachers have established a makeshift school for children displaced by their native country’s brutal civil war.

Tactical victory bittersweet for Syria rebels
MUSLIMIYEH, Syria (AFP) — A key tactical victory for rebels in northern Syria proved bittersweet when a well-respected commander was killed, with fighters recalling a father figure with a sharp military mind.

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