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My First AFP Video – Initial Lessons

Readers of this blog will know that I’m trying to learn how to do more photos and videos to become more of a “multimedia” journalist (whatever that is). I did some training at AFP in Hong Kong to learn how to do “webclips”, and put together a little video about an Iraqi Ramadan game. So [...]

Facebook Comments for your blog – a How-To

For whatever reason, my posts get inundated with spam, and while I sometimes generate a few hundred hits on individual posts, they don’t generate a tremendous amount of comments. I’d been thinking for a while of switching to Facebook comments to see if that could help rectify this. Obviously, it’s too early to say if [...]

Baghdad Diary: Basketball at the Border

Prashant’s Note: This blog post was published by AFP on December 17, 2009. It can be found in full here. by Prashant Rao One of my favourite books is ‘Big Game, Small World’. In it, the author, a columnist for Sports Illustrated, travelled the world just playing basketball, meeting people and interacting with them by [...]

Baghdad Diary: Tech frustrations in Iraq

Prashant’s Note: This blog post was originally published by AFP on November 26, 2009. It can be found in full here. by Prashant Rao I love technology — I regularly read tech-related blogs, usually buy New Scientist, What Hi-Fi or similar magazines when I travel, and have spent more than I’d care to admit on [...]

Google+ for Journalists — A Primer

If, like me, you’ve signed up to Google’s new social networking service Google+, you’ll be wondering how — if at all — it applies to your job; how it compares to existing social networking and/or micro-blogging services; and how best to use it. As a result, and after a suggestion from Sara Hussein that I [...]

Facebook on the Frontline (Part II)

Prashant’s note: The following article was originally published in the latest issue of Correspondent, the bi-monthly magazine of the Hong Kong Foreign Correspondents’ Club. It is reproduced here in full with the permission of the magazine. by Prashant Rao How is social media changing the role of today’s correspondent? All I know is that for [...]

Facebook in the Frontline (Part I)

Prashant’s note: The following article was printed in the latest issue of Correspondent, the bi-monthly magazine of the Hong Kong Foreign Correspondents’ Club. It is re-published here in full with the permission of the magazine and the author, Thomas Crampton, a former foreign correspondent who now helps companies develop social media strategies for Ogilvy across the Asia Pacific [...]

Building up a Tumblr

Matthew Keys made some interesting points in a live chat on Poynter about the use of Tumblr. He made some useful suggestions about how to get started, and what individuals and news organisations are using Tumblr well (Poynter’s Joe Grimm also offered up this list of 60 innovative Tumblr accounts). It’s worth checking out the [...]

What is Tumblr? (Part III) – The Poynter Live Chat Edition

Past readers will recall my initial post trying to get to grips with Tumblr led me to a web presentation, which was compiled by Matthew Keys. Well, that same Matthew Keys is taking part in a Live Chat hosted by Poynter on the subject, “How to use Tumblr to build your brand as a journalist”. [...]

What is Tumblr? (Part II)

There’s a really neat (and detailed) summary of what Tumblr is, how it works, and how to get started on for those of you who are interested. The post’s author also makes a few good recommendations at the end about what to do with your Tumblr when you do eventually start using it: Go [...]

Ah yes, that world famous restaurant chain — Pizza Hat

Ah yes, that world famous restaurant chain -- Pizza Hat

Spotted this while driving through Mansur, in west Baghdad: This place really makes me laugh, sometimes. (Photo taken on my iPhone 4 using Camera+)

What is Tumblr?

One of the reasons I started this little project is to better understand web trends and technologies, either by forcing myself to use them (WordPress), or by learning enough that I could write about them — this feeling has been exacerbated by Portal 2 having been released and my not having known anything about it. [...]

A random thought, with a touch of Bollywood

I recently returned to Baghdad from a holiday visiting friends and relatives in Asia, and during the course of that trip, I visited my brother and his family in Singapore. While in Singapore, I spent most of my time playing with my 16-month-old nephew, who is walking and has an expanding vocabulary that is, for [...]

AFP Journalists on Twitter

UPDATE: I’ve actually moved this post into a page (unimportant why, but easier to organise for me) which can be found here. LAST UPDATED: April 18, 2011 More and more AFP journalists are on Twitter, to the point where a simple old #FollowFriday is difficult, so I’ve set about compiling a list with as full [...]

Reading Material

In a bid to better get to grips with photography and videojournalism, I’ve added a few “multimedia” (for lack of a better word) blogs to my Google Reader. I’ll add them to my blogroll soon, when I actually create one. But in the meantime, the full (fairly institutional, and very brief) list is: The New [...]

Some Housekeeping

A couple quick things that I’ve changed about the website: The RSS button on the top-right now links to my Feedburner feed, which makes it much easier to subscribe to this blog’s RSS feed. Posts should now automatically be published to my Twitter feed. I’m hoping it was as simple as described. And the things [...]

AFP CEO pushes multimedia (WSJ)

The Wall Street Journal has just published an interview with AFP chief executive Emmanuel Hoog. The agency is on a real multimedia push (like the videoclip training I’m doing tomorrow), details of which he gives in his answers. (Hat tip to Kabir Chibber)

Early Struggles

I’ve been incredibly lazy for the past week or so when it comes to this little project, so I’m endeavouring to get back on track. Even through just a couple weeks of working on this website, I’ve begun to figure out a couple things about photography that seem to hold fairly firm, at least when [...]

Baghdad Diary: Dealing with the damage of Abu Ghraib

by Prashant Rao Note: This blog post was originally published by AFP on June 27, 2009. It can be found here. Perhaps no single revelation in the aftermath of the 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq was more notorious than that of prisoner abuse at the Abu Ghraib prison west of Baghdad. It led to courts martial for [...]

Baghdad Diary: “Get used to it – This Is Iraq”

by Prashant Rao Note: This blog post was originally published by AFP on June 3, 2009. It can be found here. Most people, everywhere, tend to think their country is exceptional, in one way or another. Iraq, my new home for a year, is probably one where they are right more often than not. I’ve [...]