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Facebook Subscribe – I Relent

So this morning I signed up for Facebook Subscribe, which has basically been a way to emulate Google+ and Twitter to allow journalists to share their content with a wider audience. As with most things (like my attempts to figure out Tumblr and Google+), I just want to give it a try and see how it works, [...]

Facebook Comments for your blog – a How-To

For whatever reason, my posts get inundated with spam, and while I sometimes generate a few hundred hits on individual posts, they don’t generate a tremendous amount of comments. I’d been thinking for a while of switching to Facebook comments to see if that could help rectify this. Obviously, it’s too early to say if [...]

AFP’s Guidelines for Journalists Using Social Media

After a period of internal discussion (disclosure: of which I played a tiny role by taking part in a conference call to discuss an earlier draft), AFP has published its guidelines for journalists’ use of social media. You will recall that earlier this year, the agency published its guidelines for the use of content published [...]

More Copyright Infringement in Baghdad

More Copyright Infringement in Baghdad

For those of you who recall “Pizza Hat” in west Baghdad, here’s another incident of blatant, and bizarre, copyright infringement. This one is from Karrada, central Baghdad.  

Facebook in the Frontline (Part I)

Prashant’s note: The following article was printed in the latest issue of Correspondent, the bi-monthly magazine of the Hong Kong Foreign Correspondents’ Club. It is re-published here in full with the permission of the magazine and the author, Thomas Crampton, a former foreign correspondent who now helps companies develop social media strategies for Ogilvy across the Asia Pacific [...]