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Mheibes – a multimedia essay on Ramadan in Iraq

Mheibes - a multimedia essay on Ramadan in Iraq

On August 10, I went with a couple of colleagues to check out Iraqi men play a game of Mheibes during Ramadan in Adhamiyah. Adhamiyah was playing Saba Abkar, an adjacent neighbourhood. TANGENT: A version of the video of the bottom filmed entirely on the iPhone 4 has been shortlisted for the Grand Prize at [...]

Mheibes – A traditional Iraqi game during Ramadan

Mheibes is a traditional game playing during the evening in Iraq throughout Ramadan. This short video, filmed in Baghdad, features a match between Adhamiyah in north Baghdad and nearby Saba Abkar. This is my first attempt at some form of video journalism — I used only my Canon EOS 550D and iPhone 4. Please let [...]