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Iraq Violence – Opening Up

One of the most opaque issues that we cover here in Baghdad is violence — officials are reticent to be quoted on the record, journalists are frequently restricted from accessing the sites of attacks, and authorities often clean up areas where bombings or shootings have taken place very quickly after they occur (which is also [...]

Iraq violence to rise if leaders row: experts

by Prashant Rao Prashant’s note: This article was published by AFP on January 17, 2012. It can be found in full here. BAGHDAD (AFP) – While the chances of all-out sectarian war in Iraq appear slim, violence will remain high and at risk of worsening if the country’s leaders do not end their political standoff, experts [...]

AFP’s coverage of the US withdrawal from Iraq

Agence France-Presse has put out several stories in recent days about the US withdrawal from Iraq, and now that it is complete, I wanted to put together a one-stop-shop of all the articles AFP has published. Without further ado, a summary of AFP‘s coverage of the US withdrawal from Iraq: December 18, 2011 US forces [...]