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Iraq investment concerns remain as trade fair ends

BAGHDAD (AFP) — Nuri al-Maliki may have trumpeted Iraq last week as the top destination for investment in the region, but experts warn that myriad problems keep it from being a good choice for all but the most adventurous. Excessive red tape, rampant corruption, an unreliable judicial system and still-inadequate security, as well as a [...]

Iraq needs $1 trillion to rebuild: investment chief

BAGHDAD (AFP) – Iraq needs up to $1 trillion over the next 10 years to rebuild its crumbling infrastructure and battered economy, its investment chief said in an interview on Thursday. Sami al-Araji‘s remarks come during the Baghdad International Fair, Iraq’s biggest trade showcase in more than 20 years, as the government looks to court [...]

Disappearing Tradition: Najaf abaya makers in decline

Disappearing Tradition: Najaf abaya makers in decline

by Prashant Rao Note: This article was originally published by AFP on March 9, 2011. It can be found here. NAJAF, Iraq (AFP) – Known across the region for its fine texture, the Najafi abaya is worn by all manner of VIPs from officials to oil-rich sheikhs. But the men who produce the hand-made cloth, [...]