The Iraq War, 10 Years On – AFP’s Coverage

10 years ago, Iraq was invaded by a US-led coalition that ousted now-executed dictator Saddam Hussein. Here is a collection of AFP’s coverage of this landmark anniversary — it will be updated daily with the latest stories, features and analyses.

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Decade on, Iraq far cry from pre-war vision (English/French/Arabic)
The US-led invasion of Iraq that toppled Saddam Hussein aimed to enshrine a liberal democracy in the heart of the Middle East but instead unleashed sectarian violence and endless political disputes.
By Prashant Rao. Pictures.

Saddam nostalgia lives on (English/French/Arabic)
A decade after the US-led invasion of Iraq, years of violence and disdain for the country’s current political class fuel nostalgia for Saddam Hussein — the man the foreign troops fought to oust.
By Salam Faraj. Pictures.

Iraqi Christians fear fate of departed Jews (English/French/Arabic)
After 10 years of attacks on Iraqi Christians, Monsignor Pios Cacha wonders if the ancient community’s days are numbered. ”Maybe we will follow in the steps of our Jewish brothers,” he says.
By Salam Faraj. Pictures.

Ten years on, Iraq haunts US response to Syria, Iran (English/French/Arabic)
Ten years after the US-led invasion of Iraq, the searing memory of what became a deeply unpopular war has made Washington policy makers reluctant to use even limited force in Syria or Iran.
By Joseph Krauss.

Violent decade shatters dreams of Iraqi youth (English/French/Arabic)
Yasmine wants a future free of violence and fear, but like many young Iraqis, 10 years of bloodshed have made her doubt she can find such a future in her home country and she now wants to leave.
By Mohamad Ali Harissi. Pictures.

Iraq’s Kirkuk at heart of Arab-Kurd territory row (English/French/Arabic)
Violence-plagued, ethnically mixed and rich in oil, Kirkuk province stands at the heart of an Arab-Kurd dispute over territory in north Iraq that threatens the future unity of the country.
By W.G. Dunlop. Pictures. Video.

Iraq war leaves thousands missing (English/French/Arabic)
Qawthar Shihab Ahmed fervently hopes her brother, who she said was seized in Baghdad in 2007 by men in police uniforms, is being held in a secret prison — probably the only hope that he is still alive.
By W.G. Dunlop. Pictures.

US spies learning lessons from Iraq WMD disaster (English/French/Arabic)
US spy agencies still live under the shadow of disastrous intelligence failures that paved the way for the Iraq war, and now face a crucial test as they track Iran‘s nuclear program.
By Dan De Luce. Pictures.

Iraqis embrace nightlife after years of fear (English/French/Arabic)
During Baghdad’s darkest days, often the only light at night was that of gunfire and mortar rounds. But the Iraqi capital now looks a world apart, with packed restaurants, parks and even the odd nightclub.
By Nafia Abduljabbar. Pictures. Video.

Iraq a major arms buyer, one decade after invasion (English/French/Arabic)
Ten years after the invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein and smashed Iraq’s military, the country has become a major buyer of military equipment, spending billions to rebuild its armed forces.
By W.G. Dunlop. Pictures.

Ten years on, US officer’s Iraq diary tells grim tale (English/French/Arabic)
US Lieutenant Timothy McLaughlin’s Iraq diary is not an introspective journal, but 10 years after the invasion its terse, staccato account of a young man’s war holds a powerful charge.
By Brigitte Dusseau. Pictures.

The Iraq war, 10 years on

Costly Iraq war left US no stronger in Middle East (English)
The US-led invasion of Iraq overthrew a dictator, but 10 years on the war is seen to have destabilized the Middle East, exposed the limits of military power and left America no stronger than before.
By Arthur MacMillan. Pictures.

Ten years on, Iraq war planners discredited (English/French/Arabic)
They were the men who were to remake the Middle East, but 10 years on, the alliance of politicians and neo-conservative thinkers who launched the Iraq war are a discredited band.
By Dave Clark. Pictures.

Decade on, Blair adamant Iraq invasion was right (English/French/Arabic)
Tony Blair formed an unlikely alliance with George W. Bush to send British forces into Iraq, and 10 years on, the former prime minister is adamant he took the right decision.
By Robin Millard.

Ten years on, a long road ahead for Iraq war memorial (English/French/Arabic)
Ten years after the US-led invasion of Iraq, veterans have a long ways to go in securing their place in the nation’s collective memory through a monument on Washington’s iconic National Mall.
By Gregor Waschinski.

Daily violence still marks Iraqi lives (English/French/Arabic)
“I thought I would die,” Umm Khudair said softly, her face streaked with tears. The car bomb that ripped through a bird market in Baghdad a month ago remains vivid for her — a bloody reminder of the violence that continues to plague Iraq, a decade after Saddam Hussein’s ouster.
By Guillaume Decamme. Pictures.

Baghdad’s ‘war correspondent hotel’ gets a makeover (English/French/Arabic)
Famous the world over for housing masses of foreign journalists during the US-led invasion of Iraq, the Palestine Hotel has since undergone a makeover and looks brand new. Now all it needs is customers.
By Guillaume Decamme. Pictures.

Iraq’s people yet to see benefits of oil boom (English/French/Arabic)
Iraq’s economy is expanding and government coffers are swelling, but Sabah Nuri, like many Iraqis who still struggle with poverty and poor services, has yet to see the benefits of rising oil exports.
By Prashant Rao. Pictures.

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