What is Tumblr? (Part II)

There’s a really neat (and detailed) summary of what Tumblr is, how it works, and how to get started on Journalism.co.uk for those of you who are interested.

The post’s author also makes a few good recommendations at the end about what to do with your Tumblr when you do eventually start using it:

  • Go visual
  • Be conversational
  • Keep it short. One, two or three paragraphs and link additional background content
  • Don’t just promote your own content. For example, the LA Times has linked to an Economist article on California; Al Jazeera has posted third party content of a time lapse map of uprisings and protests
  • Tag tag tag. Tumblr is powered by tags
  • Reblog
  • Ask and answer

Since I made my initial post trying to figure out what Tumblr was, I set up an account but haven’t used it at all — it fits in somewhere between Twitter and WordPress, but I can’t see where, and I don’t really know what to post, or why. Annoyingly, TweetDeck for Windows doesn’t incorporate Tumblr, so I can’t easily crosspost from there.

At the moment, I can’t really see why I would use Tumblr — but I’m ready to stand corrected.

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