What is Tumblr? (Part III) – The Poynter Live Chat Edition

Past readers will recall my initial post trying to get to grips with Tumblr led me to a web presentation, which was compiled by Matthew Keys. Well, that same Matthew Keys is taking part in a Live Chat hosted by Poynter on the subject, “How to use Tumblr to build your brand as a journalist”.

The Live Chat is taking place on Tuesday, May 17, at 3PM EST (7PM GMT).

From Poynter:

During the chat…Keys will talk about how he uses Tumblr as a more visual extension of Twitter and as a way to archive his work. He’ll also talk about how he’s used the site to pitch his skills as a journalist to potential employers.

Twitter users can ask questions ahead of time using the hashtag #poynterchats. You can revisit this page at any time to replay the chat after it has ended.

Check out the Live Chat here and follow Matthew Keys on Twitter.

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