What is Tumblr?

One of the reasons I started this little project is to better understand web trends and technologies, either by forcing myself to use them (WordPress), or by learning enough that I could write about them — this feeling has been exacerbated by Portal 2 having been released and my not having known anything about it. A landmark video game has come out, and I didn’t know about it until after it had been released? I’m growing up and not liking it one bit.

To recapture some of my lost youth, I have set out to figure out what Tumblr is — it’s been described as a microblog, but that’s the same term used to describe Twitter, and they don’t look too similar. I’ve mostly lived in ignorance of Tumblr, with a couple exceptions.

So in the midst of a series of Twitter direct messages with AFP’s Indonesia News Editor Steve Coates, he suggested I look at a basic intro on Poynter, which led to this:

As with all things, application appears to be the best way to figure this thing out completely, so I’ve set up a Tumblr account.

It’s early days, so I’m going to see how I can best integrate it into WordPress (and whether or not that kind of integration is even worthwhile). Any and all suggestions on this would be massively welcomed, whether in the comments box or via e-mail.

In other news, loyal readers (both of you) will realise that I’ve turned off the right-click disabling. Sorry it took so long — it doesn’t take any time so I won’t lie and tell you that it was a pain-staking process. But hey, I work for the mainstream media, we jealously protect our information at all costs, I didn’t know any better! If any of you are happy to flatter me by taking my photographs, all I ask is that you give me a little credit and maybe even drop me a line to let me know.

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Hmm. I still haven't worked out Tumblr or Digg. I need to get with the programme. It seems from that presentation that Tumblr is across between Twitter and a blog... will be watching your blog to learn more...


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