Filing copy from Basra airfield while on an embed with the US army in December 2009.

As a first post, I thought I would quickly summarise why I’m doing this.

I’m a (relatively) young journalist working for “old media” — the organisation I work for is trying to adapt to the changing media landscape, and I’m attempting to do the same by learning how to take half-decent photographs, perhaps some video, and do the whole multimedia thing (it’s probably a sign of how early I am in this process that I call it “the whole multimedia thing”).

This is also quite a nice way to retain a little more control over the photos I take that don’t make the AFP wire (i.e. the vast majority of them), rather than posting them on Facebook, and lets me get a feel for combining text, photos and video in a more holistic approach.

So for the most part, I’ll post articles I’ve written, and accompany them (when possible) with pictures or video that I’ve taken, as well as a few blog posts about things I’m learning, places I’m learning from, things like that. Just to keep it regular, I think I might intersperse all that with old articles or posts of mine

In terms of my own personal equipment, I have a MacBook, an iPad, a Canon EOS 550D, a Canon G10, a Canon Ixus IS 120, an iPhone 4 and a BlackBerry 8900, all of which I’ve used (or plan to use) in some form or another in my reporting. I’ll try whenever possible to indicate what I’ve used to compile a particular story.

So that’s why I’m doing all this. If you’re interested, you can find out more about me here, and follow me on Twitter or via RSS, or get in touch directly.


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